Global Leadership Experience

GLE Tampa 2017


What is the Global Leadership Experience Program?

  • Through the CSL's Global Leadership Experience (GLE), students will learn and apply leadership concepts in increasingly interdependent domestic and global societies. Aligned with the Center's overall mission, the GLE program is designed to provide opportunities for students to become actively engaged and positively contribute to their communities. Students will work alongside government and non-profit organizations to help address and provide relief to societal concerns.

  • Participants Will:

    • Earn documented volunteer service hours
    • Travel to New Orleans and volunteer with the United Saints Recovery Project to help rebuild homes damaged by natural disasters
    • Travel to Tampa and explore homelessness awareness issues and strategies in the area
    • Work in committees to plan events for KSU's Homelessness Awareness Week
    • Host students from partnering universities during KSU’s Homelessness Awareness Week
    • Attend a conference hosted by Kennesaw State University, the University of Tampa, & the University of Memphis regarding homelessness
    • At the completion of the program, participants will work to create a team project designed to showcase their achieved objectives throughout the KSU community
    • Make a lasting impact in your local and national communities


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    As a participant with G.L.E. you will be able to engage with universities, governments, and non-profit organizations around the world!
  • Contact

    Program Manager:

    Karen Boettler 


  • The 2017-2018 trip dates: Tampa February 8th- February 11th and New Orleans March 31st - April 6th.

    • Tampa -­‐ No registration fee, only the cost to cover some meals
    • New Orleans -­‐ $240 (cost includes: lodging for trip, some meals and a ticket to the Hurricane Katrina Museum)
  • No, each experience will provide the necessary pre-departure preparation needed for the experience.
  • Both trips are designed to drive students to each city by way of 12­‐passenger vans.
  • No, the CSL will provide any tools or safety equipment necessary for the trips.
  • The CSL will cover most group meals, but students are expected to pay for some individual meals. This varies based on the trip destination.
  • Students must be considered in good academic standing to participate.
  • Yes, the trip to New Orleans is a volunteer opportunity where participants will be expected to contribute towards rebuilding homes damaged from natural disasters.
  • Yes, attendance to all trip related meetings is mandatory for participation. Students who do not attend these meetings will not be able to travel with the group.
  • Yes, all volunteer hours are documented through the Volunteer KSU (VKSU) Department and made accessible to participating students.